Sydney Day Trips | Manly Beach and Shelly Beach

Sydney is a beautiful city. You realize it the moment you step foot here. In fact, if you’re seated correctly on the flight in, you’ll notice it even before you land. It’s that stunning. Little did I know, it could get even more gorgeous via a short ferry ride to the Northern Beaches. On Saturday, I setContinue reading “Sydney Day Trips | Manly Beach and Shelly Beach”

My First Sydney Mardi Gras

I used to think we did Gay Pride really well in the USA – especially in DC, San Francisco and NYC. But Sydney has seriously got us beat! The Aussies turn Pride in to a multi-week extravaganza called Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and it is absolutely delightful. Here’s a quick run down of all the mega-gay thingsContinue reading “My First Sydney Mardi Gras”

9 Realities of Living in Sydney

It’s time to get real. I’ve lived in Sydney for one month now and would like to share some observations. These are not positives or negatives. Simply, musings. Holy hell do people walk fast here. People who have walked with me through airports, DC or office buildings know I am an extremely fast walker. HereContinue reading “9 Realities of Living in Sydney”

Sydney Day Trips | Kamay Botany Bay National Park

Like any great metropolitan area, it’s just as much about what you can do a short distance from the city as what you do in it. Hence, I’m branching the blog out to some quick hit favorite day trips from Sydney as I experience them. First up: Kamay Botany Bay National Park. You can enjoyContinue reading “Sydney Day Trips | Kamay Botany Bay National Park”

A Blissfully Normal Week in Sydney

The past three weeks have been complete insanity. Thankfully, it’s been the ‘makes you smile’ type of crazy not the ‘pad the walls, lock him up’ variety. After surviving the 17-hour flight followed by a whirlwind start to the new job and then a week of meeting and eating in Hong Kong, I finally gotContinue reading “A Blissfully Normal Week in Sydney”

A Perfect Sydneysider Saturday

You’re going to read this post and wonder how it all fit in to one day. And you’ll probably also imagine how stressful it must have been. But I’m here to tell you, I just had the perfect “Sydneysider” Saturday, and it was surprisingly easy going and hopefully a solid example of what real life canContinue reading “A Perfect Sydneysider Saturday”

An Initial Impression of Shopping in Sydney

I just went to the Westfield Bondi Junction with Daniel to do some shopping. He was in the Land of Eyeroll (deservedly) as I walked around seeing entirely new brands for the first time (and snapping pics + acting immaturely, which I happily justify). Here are some observations: You can buy food and brand nameContinue reading “An Initial Impression of Shopping in Sydney”

My First 48 Hours in Sydney

What a blurry, wonderful whirlwind the past two days have been! After landing at SYD, Daniel picked me up, and we went straight to the Trio Apartments in our neighborhood of Newtown. Despite wanting to sleep more than anything in the world, we hit the ground running. Day 1: We walked from the apartment toContinue reading “My First 48 Hours in Sydney”