Hiking from Heathcote to Kangaroo Creek, Uloola Falls and Karloo Pool

A brief summary of what it’s like to hike Royal National Park from Heathcote to Kangaroo Creek, Uloola Falls and Karloo Pool.

Hiking Katoomba Falls and Furber Steps | Blue Mountains NSW

We did a day trip up to the Blue Mountains and hiked Katoomba Falls down to Furber Steps and the Scenic Railway walking track. Such a perfect day!

Bushwalking The Coast Track from Otford to Bundeena in One Day

Together with 30 awesome and inspiring peeps from CrossFit Ignite, we walked 28KMs (17.3 miles) from Otford to Bundeena via the Coast Track in Royal National Park.

Filling Your Passport With Adventures

People get excited about all kinds of events in life. Birthdays, weddings, trips to new places. Want to know a day I will always remember fondly? The day I needed extra pages sewn in to my passport. It felt like such an accomplishment. And at the same time it was a bit of a reset.Continue reading “Filling Your Passport With Adventures”