Sydney Weekend Trips | South Coast NSW

True story: I get extremely broody if I don’t get far away from city life and connected with nature as often as possible. We’re talking teenage-angst-OMG-ennui levels of broody. So, a road trip down the South Coast of New South Wales was just the medicine needed. We traveled down to Gerringong, Kiama, Berry and Jervis Bay and had a fantastic time. Here’s what wentContinue reading “Sydney Weekend Trips | South Coast NSW”

SCUBA Diving | Bali | Gili Mimpang and Tepekong

Our last two dives in Bali were really fantastic dive sites right next to each other – Gili Mimpang and Gili Tepekong. On this day, Mimpang had an eerie greenish hue in the water which made the dive kind of creepy. Tepekong was just all around beautiful with fields of hard coral and a memorableContinue reading “SCUBA Diving | Bali | Gili Mimpang and Tepekong”

SCUBA Diving | Bali | Manta Point (Nusa Penida)

Hanging with manta rays while they have parasites chewed off their bodies by fish is awesome. Wait. Ok. I started this all wrong…I’m supposed to put something really meaningful here. Damn. I ruin EVERYTHING. Honestly, the video speaks for itself. These creatures are so peaceful to watch underwater and will make you feel like aContinue reading “SCUBA Diving | Bali | Manta Point (Nusa Penida)”

SCUBA Diving | Bali | Crystal Bay

Sometimes you just have a perfect dive. Amazing vis, abundance of creatures, healthy corals…diving Crystal Bay was exactly that. The dive site is at Nusa Penida (famed for the Manta Point dive) but I have to say, Crystal Bay totally takes the cake. Here’s the 1 minute 36 second capture of our dive on 25 April 2016Continue reading “SCUBA Diving | Bali | Crystal Bay”

SCUBA Diving | Bali | USAT Liberty Wreck

Wreck diving is one of the single most enjoyable aspects of SCUBA (IMHO). Be they wrecks that sunk of their own misfortune or those intentionally sunk to create sport for divers and artificial reef for sea creatures. The USAT Liberty Wreck in Tulamben Bay of Bali is probably one of the best wrecks to explore inContinue reading “SCUBA Diving | Bali | USAT Liberty Wreck”