Road Tripping & Reminiscing through Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas

Enjoy a 2,000 word road trip through Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas mixed with childhood memories, teenage angsts and adult pseudo-wisdoms.

Sydney Weekend Trips | South Coast NSW

True story: I get extremely broody if I don’t get far away from city life and connected with nature as often as possible. We’re talking teenage-angst-OMG-ennui levels of broody. So, a road trip down the South Coast of New South Wales was just the medicine needed. We traveled down to Gerringong, Kiama, Berry and Jervis Bay and had a fantastic time. Here’s what wentContinue reading “Sydney Weekend Trips | South Coast NSW”

A Blissfully Normal Week in Sydney

The past three weeks have been complete insanity. Thankfully, it’s been the ‘makes you smile’ type of crazy not the ‘pad the walls, lock him up’ variety. After surviving the 17-hour flight followed by a whirlwind start to the new job and then a week of meeting and eating in Hong Kong, I finally gotContinue reading “A Blissfully Normal Week in Sydney”

3 Must-Have Meals in Hong Kong

I spent the past week in Hong Kong on business, which means I primarily saw the inside of a conference room. I managed, however, to have a few fabulous meals whilst visiting. If you’re ever in HK, I would definitely prioritise these! This was also an amazing trip to get to know my new team inContinue reading “3 Must-Have Meals in Hong Kong”

Dallas TX Incredible Restaurants

Whoa. Spent the previous weekend in Dallas, TX saying goodbye to some of my most beloved family and friends. It was the perfect balance of levity, excitement and just the right mix of bittersweet mixed in for zest. Aside from the obvious emotional trauma (kidding – that’s a bit dramatic), we experienced some of theContinue reading “Dallas TX Incredible Restaurants”