About Me

Hi. Jeremy Wilbur here, affectionately known in some circles as “Wilbur”, “JW”, “J-dub”, “Jer” or “Jerbear” (if ya nasty). Also, my Aussie monikers are “Jez” or “Jezza” – unlimited options to address me! If you’re interested in travel, SCUBA diving, food or living abroad – filtered through a rainbow-colored lens – then you’ve probably arrived at the right place. If not, you’ve made a terrible mistake…and for that I say “I’m so very sorry.” (But also, you brought this upon yourself.)

I studied journalism as an undergrad degree and attempt to maintain a modicum of excellence in the fluid medium of blog writing. Feel free to call me out if I stray too far outside the comfy guardrails of the AP Style Guide. Or you can also give me a pass as this is writing in the era of short attention spans and mass information consumption. Your call.

I’m an American who, as of January 2016, now lives in Sydney, Australia. Feel free to laugh along as I stumble my way through a country that might want to kill me.

Follow me on Instagram or Twitter or YouTube or Google or…actually that’s about it.

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