Hiking Katoomba Falls and Furber Steps | Blue Mountains NSW

On Sunday, Daniel and I were on the road by 6:30am to go hike the Blue Mountains – something I’ve been dreaming about doing since January! In less than 2 hours, we had travelled from Sydney to Katoomba (a central spot in the Blue Mountains region) and were enjoying the sites. We started off at the Echo Point viewing station which offers a quintessential panoramic view of the Blue Mountains, including the Three Sisters rock formation. It was one heck of a windy day so we were quite happy to progress from Echo Point on over to Katoomba Falls and have a fantastic 1.5 hour hike past the falls, down the Furber Steps and on to the Scenic Railway.

First up, the view from Echo Point. Yea, I slapped a load of Instagram filters on this but you get the point! It’s so gorgeous, even au natural.img_2568Then we did the hike from Katoomba Falls Kiosk down to the Scenic Railway. Along the hike you will see – obviously – the Falls but also be surrounded by rainforest and have frequent views in to the southern range of the Blue Mountains.img_2501img_2507img_2515img_2518img_2520

img_2526At about the halfway point, the hike gives you the option to turnaround or continue down the Furber Steps, which is the path we chose! You should do the same. The rocky outcroppings are amazing and you’ll be able to check out Vera’s Grotto which I could have spent all day at just reading a book and listening to the water bubble on by.img_2531img_2533img_2535img_2543After you complete Furber Steps, you’ll be down at what’s called the Scenic Railway and the Scenic Walkway. Although this part gets a bit touristy, I highly suggest doing the trek around the Walkway as it’s a really cool raised boardwalk through the forest that’s quite peaceful. And you can reward yourself at the end by taking the $19 AUD one-way (and semi-harrowing) trip back up the Railway!img_2550img_2558

Incredibly, we were back in Sydney by 12:30pm the same day – just 6 hours after we had left. This makes me realise that day trips to the Blue Mountains are absolutely plausible! Next up: another day trip to check out Wentworth Falls as well as a weekend stay over to really get to know this incredible national park. Thanks for reading! XOXO -JW

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