Getting Tattoos in Melbourne (Again)

Daniel and I decided to go back for another short weekend in Melbourne with one singular focus: visit Jamie August of Big Boy Pinups again and get more ink. I wanted to add a villainous counterpart to my bearded merman from the last visit, and Daniel wanted to 1.) cover-up/evolve a small tattoo he got 20+ years ago and 2.) get something new for himself to signify his recently discovered love of scuba diving. We booked Jamie from 1030am-530pm on Saturday and made ourselves comfortable in his new location, BlackTide Tattoos on Smith Street in Collingwood. Let the pain begin! 😉
First up: Daniel decided it was time to enhance a small heart tattoo he had on his left pec since he was in his early 20s. He and Jamie had already brainstormed this a bit on the previous visit and arrived at a really smart and fun way to pay homage to the original heart but evolve it in to something meaningful and within the Big Boy Pinup style. I watched him during this tattoo and could tell there were moments where it was really quite painful – makes sense though given the number of nerve endings that would be present on your chest! Ouch! He toughed it out though and was rewarded with an entirely new take on his historic tattoo.
Because Daniel’s DNA was already all over the tattoo gun, it made sense for him to sit through his 2nd tattoo for the day back-to-back rather than taking a breather. For this one, he wanted to get a merman and have him carrying a scuba flag. The hilarious part about this tattoo was how many times we had to flip arms and flip designs to make sure the scuba flag would be ‘floating’ in the right direction! The worst thing you could do was put it on as mirror-image and be left with a strange ‘see-through’ approach to the flag. Thankfully, Jamie and Daniel got it all sorted out and the final piece looks so cool!
Finally, I was in the chair to add an antagonist to my brave, bearded merman hero. I had known for some time that I wanted octopus or cuttlefish tentacles in some capacity on my body. Then it hit me: what if we flipped the script on Ursula from The Little Mermaid and put a big, bearded, beautiful version of her/him on the right arm. Jamie of course designed the perfect art to match the concept and we were in business. We went back and forth a bit on the right color choices but I ultimately listened to Jamie’s instincts and was very glad I did. The final piece is a sassy, furry Ursula balancing out the good with the evil on my arms. And if you’ve ever wondered – YES, tattoos do bleed. When working with darker inks, it’s really hard to tell during the process. But with yellow, purples, oranges…WOW does it stand out.
So there you have it! We had a fantastic Saturday being inked by Jamie and were 100% exhausted by the end. It’s crazy how much the pumping adrenaline can sap your energy. Now we just have to keep the tattoos protected from sun and water for the new few weeks before we get to the Philippines for some scuba diving with the Diving For Life family! Hooray!
Thanks for reading, lovelies. XOXO -JW

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