One Hour in Adelaide Australia

It’s been a while since I had just one hour to explore a city during a business trip, but it happened again in Adelaide, Australia. We landed and had a team dinner planned, leaving me just 60 minutes to hit the town and see what I could see. Here’s the brief summary of my sprint through the streets of this quaint but bustling South Australia capital city!

Adelaide CBD isn’t on the ocean but it’s only about 10 minutes away from beautiful beaches (also near the airport!)
My hotel, the Hilton Adelaide, stands out quite nicely on Victoria Square.
A short walk north of Victoria Square is the historic Adelaide Town Hall which has a beautiful breezeway you walk under and the clock tower is stunning.
Continuing north past Town Hall and turning right on Rundle Mall will bring you to a very popular shopping center.
As with most cities, Adelaide is full of statues. This one is for John McDouall Stuart who was an incredibly successful explorer of the inland parts of Australia. He was pivotal in exploring what would become South Australia and trekked all the way South to North and back! Impressive gent!
Victoria Square is a large public area in the center of Adelaide. The view here reminds me of mid-size towns in Texas for some reason…Dallas but not quite!
A statue of Queen Victoria overlooks the aptly-named Victoria Park. She was erected here in 1894 (giggle).
Exploring Adelaide for one hour was great but I must admit…seeing the inside of the wine cooler at Coal Cellar + Grill was truly a thing of beauty! I desperately tried to get locked in here overnight but alas…
Dinner at Coal Cellar was spectacular. It was the unveiling that evening of an entirely new menu which made it exciting to be first to try it.
The experiential journey through Adelaide wrapped-up with drinks Collins Bar. The bar is gorgeous but the coolest feature here is that the windows open almost fully out toward Victoria Square so you can have a drink and enjoy fresh air simultaneously. A nice combo!

And that, my friends, is the brief summary of my extremely short visit to Adelaide, Australia in SA. I know this city has even more to offer and can’t wait to go back for a future visit, particularly to get further out of town and go exploring through South Australia’s world famous wine country. Next time! XOXO -JW

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