Meandering through Melbourne Australia

Immediately upon moving to Australia I learned there are two competing viewpoints here: people who love Sydney vs. people who love Melbourne. There are tons of differing opinions here and they span everything from which city is more laid-back, more beautiful, has better food, better coffee, better art, better attractions, happier people, better weather…you get the point. Well in this post, I’m not taking ANY sides whatsoever. I’m simply going to share a summary of two trips I took to Melbourne (one business, one pleasure) and you can arrive at your own conclusions. Enjoy!

Melbourne’s Alleyways & Artwork:
Probably the most famous feature of Melbourne is its astounding variety of quaint and curious alleyways. Some are absolutely covered in gorgeous graffiti, some are simply nirvana for foodies. You’ll find them throughout the CBD and one thing is certain: you could spend an entire weekend in Melbourne exploring them and doing nothing else. Below, you’ll see images of Centre Place, Hosier Lane and a photo shoot caught-in-action.

Melbourne Food:
Whenever people talk to me about Melbourne, I’m always told how stunningly incredible the food is here. It’s thoughtful, it’s experimental, it’s modern, hey, maybe it’s even a little bit overtly hipsteresque? Well whatever the case, I can now attest that Melbourne’s food scene is fabulous and absolutely delicious. Below, you’ll see images of Melbourne’s top coffee spot Duke’s, lunch at the mouth-watering and soul-satisfying Belles Hot Chicken and a tapas-style heavenly dinner (and fantastically friendly staff) at MoVida Nextdoor.

Melbourne Attractions:
Like any major city, there are endless attractions you can experience in Melbourne to fill-up your brain (and lighten your wallet). From my journeys, two main attractions stand-out: the Royal Exhibition Building (a World-Heritage Site originally constructed in 1880 for the Melbourne International Exhibition) and the Melbourne Museum (which had a sub-par Jurassic World experience that was thankfully overshadowed by the astounding array of bones, bugs and mammals on display).

Melbourne Architecture & Buildings:
I am lucky in my job in that I end up on the rooftop of hotels quite regularly during visits. You can enjoy the Melbourne architecture and structures from the ground but hopefully some of these shots breathe a little extra life in to the vantage points! You’ll see St. Paul’s Cathedral, various day and evening views along the banks of the Yarra River from South Wharf and the famous Flinders Street Railway Station. Melbourne is one heck of an attractive city!

Long story short: when it comes to Sydney vs. Melbourne, I still have ‘no comment’ and no hard line to draw in the sand. I think each city has spectacularly unique elements and should be individually adored for those very reasons. I can say that Melbourne is one of those cities that definitely sticks in your mind and follows you around – mesmerising and so easy to love. But then I think about Sydney’s harbour and the beaches and the weather…and I fall right back in love all over again with Sydney. Guess these two cities will just have to remain a tween romance novel for me and pull me between them. Now which one is a vampire and which one is a werewolf…I’ll let someone else decide. XOXO -JW


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