SCUBA Diving | Bali | Gili Mimpang and Tepekong

Our last two dives in Bali were really fantastic dive sites right next to each other – Gili Mimpang and Gili Tepekong. On this day, Mimpang had an eerie greenish hue in the water which made the dive kind of creepy. Tepekong was just all around beautiful with fields of hard coral and a memorable way to end our long little weekend in Bali. Enjoy!

Mimpang Dive Site in Bali Rusted Sign
This rusted sign used to be upright at the bottom of the ocean as recently as 2012. On the return visit in 2016, it had fallen over.
Scorpionfish at Mimpang Dive Site Bali
A scorpionfish just hanging out in a sponge. This was pretty cool as he spread open his gorgeous fins as a big time warning to me.
A stingray lurking around in the green gloom.
A stingray lurking around in the green gloom.
Scorpionfish at Tepekong Dive Site Bali
A well-camouflaged scorpionfish at Tepekong. Never, ever touch these guys! Or anything in the ocean for that matter, peeps. Leave the creatures alone.
Hard Coral field in Tepekong Dive Site Bali
Honestly the hard coral at Tepekong are just awe-inspiring. You don’t think you’ll give two Fs about coral like this until you’re diving in a field of it as far as you can see.
Hard Coral Field in Tepekong Dive Site
See what I mean? Happy sigh.


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