SCUBA Diving | Bali | Crystal Bay

Sometimes you just have a perfect dive. Amazing vis, abundance of creatures, healthy corals…diving Crystal Bay was exactly that. The dive site is at Nusa Penida (famed for the Manta Point dive) but I have to say, Crystal Bay totally takes the cake. Here’s the 1 minute 36 second capture of our dive on 25 April 2016 that shows off how fantastic this reef is!

My dive log states: “This was an unexpectedly wonderful dive site! Downside was # of other divers here but otherwise, perfect dive site. Not too deep, lots of beautiful soft corals, a huge sea turtle and all around leisurely & laid back type of diving. A+++++” Max Depth: 18.2M, Lowest Temp: 26C, Dive Time: 47 minutes

Hawksbill Sea Turtle at Crystal Bay Bali Scuba Diving
This hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) was busy enjoying Sunday brunch, table for one.
Crystal Bay Scuba Diving Bali Reef Fish
Crystal Bay reef is teeming with fish. It’s spectacular and checks the box on all colors of the rainbow.
Anthias and Hard Coral at Crystal Bay SCUBA diving site Bali
I’m not kidding about the color palette here. It was gorgeous. And this school of multi-colored anthias were happily showing off their hues.

XOXO & Happy Diving! -JW



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