One Hour to Explore Perth Australia

If you’re a frequent business traveler like me, you know sometimes you literally only have an hour to see as much of a city as possible. That’s exactly what happened when I had a short window of time to explore Perth Australia whilst on a business trip recently. Here’s what I suggest:

Parmelia Hilton Perth
This hotel is easily situated near all the Perth highlights!
  • Check in to your hotel but don’t get too comfortable yet! Otherwise, it’s very easy to say a quick “nevermind” to yourself and just go about your work. I highly doubt you’ll look back on life and think “wow, I’m so glad I started that email an hour early” but you will look back and think “damn, I’m glad I saw a little something of ________ city while I was there!” Trust me. For me, I was staying at the Parmelia Hilton Perth which made it easy to walk around some of Perth’s main areas. Also, in full disclosure, I work for Hilton so it was a no-brainer!
London Court Perth Australia
London Court in Perth = Diagon Alley
  • From your hotel, walk over to London Court. It’s cute little street with all kinds of shoppes (not ‘shops’) located between Hay St Mall and St. Georges Terrace. Yea, I know your Harry Potter vibes are radiating right now. Mine were!
Bell Tower Perth
The Bell Tower in Perth looks like an alien spaceship landed in Australia.
  • Head south down Barrack Street past Stirling Gardens and the Supreme Court of Western Australia, and you’ll see an extremely striking and gorgeous structure rising in the distance. This is The Bell Tower and it looks otherworldly. It’s meant to represent a ship (I think?) but is truly a functioning bell tower. It’s on Riverside Drive with an amazing view of the Swan River and is central to Barrack Square.
Black swans in Perth
The Black Swans in Perth ain’t got no time to be bothered by jellyfish.
  • From here in Barrack Square, you are now jutting up against Elizabeth Quay which is an entirely new part of Perth that’s being constructed as I type. There will be all kinds of outdoor spaces, activities, hotels and businesses that will emerge around the Quay over the coming years. For now, it’s already quite beautiful and you can check out the black swans that are in the aptly named Swan River. It was 43C the day we visited Perth and I’m not sure it’s a normal byproduct of the heat, but the entire river was swarming with jellyfish as well. The swans were all IDGAF.
Spalda Artwork Elizabeth Quay Perth
I could feel the xi radiating out of my body.
  • Take a moment to experience the astoundingly interesting Spalda artwork that will visually define Elizabeth Quay for many years. This gorgeous structure is 29 metres tall and is meant to signify rippling water. Make sure you bring someone along to capture a great pic (thanks Daniel!!!).
Perth Australia Skyline
Perth Australia is going to evolve rapidly over the coming years. This is a snapshot in time already!
  • And just like that, your hour is up! Head on back to your hotel and get back to work! You can feel good that you saw a few really cool sites in Perth and will have scrawled some experiences in to your memorybanks. Given how rapidly Elizabeth Quay is going to change the city, I will need to get back out there ASAP to update this post. We shall see!

Happy exploring! XOXO – JW


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