9 Realities of Living in Sydney

It’s time to get real. I’ve lived in Sydney for one month now and would like to share some observations. These are not positives or negatives. Simply, musings.

  1. Holy hell do people walk fast here. People who have walked with me through airports, DC or office buildings know I am an extremely fast walker. Here in Sydney, I get outpaced by the elderly. It’s amazing.
  2. And there are no left vs. right rules of walking. Because Sydney is full of so many cultures, they haven’t seemed to unify around walk left or walk right. It’s basically a walk-weave-dodge maneuver.
  3. People here still smoke cigarettes. During my daily walk from the bus to the office and back (whilst weaving through) I am shocked by how many people smoke (and nervous about long since forgotten secondhand smoking). In DC, it seemed largely a thing of the past. Here? The ‘smoko’ has a stronghold, mate.
  4. Imagine putting 20 accents and dialects in a blender and hitting the purée button. I find this so incredibly exciting and interesting. I was literally having a conversation the other day with a Scottish-Korean-Aussie. Gosh, I love this city! It also teaches you to listen. Life skills, people.
  5. The blue collar guys here are insanely hot. Unlike in the US where it’s all a misguided porno fantasy and rarely true, here the preponderance of the working class men I’ve seen could actually be models. And rugby players.
  6. Birds. So many noisy birds. This doesn’t really bother me as the sounds they make are all so different and many quite whimsical. But they never. Shut. Up. Google the Kookaburra bird for an amazing example. So cool.
  7. Sydney construction is booming. Many cityscapes are dotted and crossed with gigantic cranes. Entirely new neighborhoods are springing up left and right. There’s an incredible energy here as a result.
  8. Jaywalking is 100% life-threatening. The roads are curvy, the drivers floor it if they see you trying to sneak across. It’s just not worth it. I’ve learned to embrace patience at intersections. Namaste.
  9. There is so much to do and see and you have to take a deep, deep breath and not feel overwhelmed by it all. Parks, beaches, neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, touristy stuff, underbelly stuff…best to just bite it off in small nibbles and not get anxious. I’m truly, madly in love with this city and country and can’t wait to see what happens next!

Xoxo -JW

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