One Hour to Explore Perth Australia

If you’re a frequent business traveler like me, you know sometimes you literally only have an hour to see as much of a city as possible. That’s exactly what happened when I had a short window of time to explore Perth Australia whilst on a business trip recently. Here’s what I suggest: Check in to your hotelContinue reading “One Hour to Explore Perth Australia”

9 Realities of Living in Sydney

It’s time to get real. I’ve lived in Sydney for one month now and would like to share some observations. These are not positives or negatives. Simply, musings. Holy hell do people walk fast here. People who have walked with me through airports, DC or office buildings know I am an extremely fast walker. HereContinue reading “9 Realities of Living in Sydney”

Sydney Day Trips | Kamay Botany Bay National Park

Like any great metropolitan area, it’s just as much about what you can do a short distance from the city as what you do in it. Hence, I’m branching the blog out to some quick hit favorite day trips from Sydney as I experience them. First up: Kamay Botany Bay National Park. You can enjoyContinue reading “Sydney Day Trips | Kamay Botany Bay National Park”

A Blissfully Normal Week in Sydney

The past three weeks have been complete insanity. Thankfully, it’s been the ‘makes you smile’ type of crazy not the ‘pad the walls, lock him up’ variety. After surviving the 17-hour flight followed by a whirlwind start to the new job and then a week of meeting and eating in Hong Kong, I finally gotContinue reading “A Blissfully Normal Week in Sydney”