A Perfect Sydneysider Saturday

You’re going to read this post and wonder how it all fit in to one day. And you’ll probably also imagine how stressful it must have been. But I’m here to tell you, I just had the perfect “Sydneysider” Saturday, and it was surprisingly easy going and hopefully a solid example of what real life can be like here.

Morning: It all began at breakfast (“brekky”) with friends Matt and Frank from Diving For Life who also live in Sydney. We met at Bronte Beach and had a lovely little meal at Cafe Salina where the corn fritters were quite popular at our table. It was fantastic to connect with them and know there are already local peeps we can hang with hopefully on a regular basis!img_1753Following brekky, Daniel and I started the walk from Bronte to Bondi Beach and wow what a choppy day it was out at sea. The waves were crashing along the beaches and knocking kids off their feet (I’m unashamed to say I laughed a bit at this). This didn’t lessen the beauty of the walk as it is quite a stunner. We hit one small snag, however, as we were just about to turn the curve toward Bondi but sadly it was blocked off by the police. Bondi shall have to wait for another day!

We wrapped up the walk a bit earlier than planned, so we decided it was time to do a light bit of shopping in Sydney and tick off our growing list errands. We also snuck in some much-needed massages at the Chinese acupressure spot at the Westfield, which I clearly deserved after surviving a 17-hour flight earlier in the week. 😉 We spent the rest of the morning buzzing around, being domestic gays and – most thankfully – I finally got a chance to unpack my five bags of luggage and officially start to feel at home in the apartment! Somehow we’re making a 1-bedroom space work although I anticipate that won’t be for more than a few more months.

Afternoon: Naps and some down time followed the household duties and then it was back out on foot to get one of the most mission critical action items completed – signing up for a new CrossFit location! Now I know I regularly get made fun of for being in the Church of CrossFit, but it truly is a key priority to me. I’ve been missing my CFP peeps this week and know one of the best ways to get involved in a community is to do so via fitness.

Daniel and I settled on a gym called Camperdown Fitness which is a (timed) 3.5 minute door-to-door walk from the apartment. It’s always good to make sure your fitness facility is convenient to reduce excuses! I’ve learned in the past week that everything in Sydney is crazy-ass expensive but for some reason, this place is a steal. Just AUD $22 per week. Man, I hope the training is good…and I will definitely be reporting back on that in the coming months.

We decided to treat ourselves to some afternoon tea (aka COFFFFFFEEEEE) at the little cafe nearest to our apartment in Annandale called Lemonia. This place is tres adorable and will clearly become a favorite for us. I had a perfectly composed long black which is rapidly replacing the flat white for me (as a matter of calorie control).
We traipsed around Annandale a bit more before heading down in to Newtown to have dinner.

Evening: Oh man. I had one of those fabulously euphoric moments where you’re in the perfect weather with the perfect company eating the perfect meal. We settled on an Indian restaurant, Delhi ‘O’ Delhi, and were treated to a gorgeous dinner. We had kaju dana, adraki chops, butter chicken, saag paneer and naan (to absorb the Kingfisher beers because we’re classy like that).

Think we’re done yet? Not quite.

After wrapping up dinner, we went on a nice walk from Newtown to its bordering neighborhood of Erskineville. In short, this town is pretty much everything you want in your idyllic urban village – great restaurants and bars, peaceful little green areas and historic buildings. The one that stuck out the most? The Imperial Hotel which my gay brethren will appreciate for its cameo in the opening scenes of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Tack-a-rama!
We turned around and headed back home at this point but were accidentally drawn in to one final cafe for the day, which definitely was not just serving up coffees. So much for staying on the fitness track in 2016! Oops. But honestly, passing up a Banoffee and Salted Caramel gelato would have been absolutely criminal.
img_1816I promise we were nearly home at this point but first enjoyed a leisurely walk through Camperdown Memorial Rest Park where the moon was already full and shining on the people lounging on the green. It’s crazy to think that by this time in Sydney I’d already seen the moon on Saturday evening and my friends back in the US would be seeing it about 16 hours later. Bizarre to contemplate and it certainly makes one feel like a teeny tiny speck of dust on the planet. img_1820img_1819
After enjoying the park, we happily made it back home and wrapped up the day with one last critical activity – the action of doing absolutely nothing at all. And with that, I wish you all a perfect Saturday, wherever you may be! XOXOXO




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