Moving to Sydney Australia Right Now

As I sit in the back of this Uber, the fog of surreality I’ve been living in the last couple of weeks is slowly lifting. I’m moving to Sydney Australia today. I’ve got my Aussie CrossFit shoes on in honor of the moment. Most of my wordly possessions are in a shipping container on a vessel crossing the globe. The remainder is stuffed in this enormous pile of luggage:It’s the most overwhelming and yet oddly cathartic sensation I think I’ve ever experienced. Today’s flight path is a domestic jump from DCA to DFW. A leisurely 4-hour layover in Dallas. And then a direct path to Sydney on the world’s longest flight via Qantas (17.5 hours of zipping through the air in a metal bird). I land at 6am on Monday in Sydney and then 24 hours later start my new job. Thoughts colliding in my head right now include but are not limited to:

  • Wtf is going on?
  • Omg this is insane.
  • Best. Decision. Ever.
  • Will Aussies like me?
  • Damn, I’m really lucky & thankful.
  • Holy crap, my friends and family. I miss them already.
  • Will the snakes immediately bite me or do they send the spiders in to soften me up first?
  • Beach. Now.


10:50am EST – Bags are checked through to SYD and now it’s time to enjoy a quick manicure at the XpresSpa DCA. Why? Because I’m worth it. 11:30am EST – Remind me to thank Daniel for the OneWorld Sapphire status. I’m loving the Admiral’s Club at DCA! 1:30pm EST – Reading material for the flights is kind of a no-brainer:4:20pm CST – The 4-hour layover at Dallas/Fort Worth airport has begun. Want to know what’s strange? Seeing the Sydney flight details on the monitor and my ticket and it’s still not sinking in….   7:15pm CST – boarding soon. Feet on US soil only a few more moments until who knows when! This sh!t just got real.   8:00pm – here we go!!!!! Goodbye for now America. You and all your amazing people who have filled my life with laughter and love will be missed. Thankfully, you’re only a FaceTime or Skype away! Oh and say hello to my new best friend for the next 17 hours:  -JW


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