Dallas TX Incredible Restaurants

Whoa. Spent the previous weekend in Dallas, TX saying goodbye to some of my most beloved family and friends. It was the perfect balance of levity, excitement and just the right mix of bittersweet mixed in for zest. Aside from the obvious emotional trauma (kidding – that’s a bit dramatic), we experienced some of the best eats that Dallas has to offer! Some of the highlights of this weekend extravaganza include:

Drinks & bar food at Cold Beer Company – awesome place to gather with your peeps, have a beer (or 3, 4, etc.) and then somehow manage to dine on a hot dog covered in BACON and MAC ‘N CHEESE. Yes. Your dreams kinda just came true here. And this wasn’t an Oscar Meyer lips and you-know-what-else hotdog. This was a yummy, sizzly sausage with tons of flavor. Just felt like it required some clarification to those who immediately stuck their nose up before seeing this sensory masterpiece:

Cold Beer Company Dallas TX
Cold Beer Company

Breakfast / brunch took place the following day at the most charming and delicious place I may have ever enjoyed on a Sunday morning, Ida Claire. Not only is the food out of this world and the biscuits essentially as near to nirvana as you are likely to experience, the entire wait staff was delightful. Kinda rare these days, right? See the feature image for a close-up of my TDF breakfast. That egg was perfect. I promise to write it a love song someday. Wistful. Sigh. Also, don’t miss the beignets and I’m also going to give a shout-out to the french press coffee because that’s just…well…adorable.

To wrap up the short visit in Dallas, dinner and adult beverages at Twisted Root Burger Co. in Deep Ellum were enjoyed and are simply not to be missed. I walked in to this place feeling very hungry and left feeling like I needed to immediately have my stomach pumped. And not in a bad way, per se. Mostly just because the adult boozy milkshakes coupled with an incredible burger and some cheese-coated french fries are hands-down a one way ticket on the train to Indigestionville. Worth it, though. Unquestionably and without regret (mostly). Best part? They assign you a hilarious name that they then call from the loudspeaker. I was Bill Nye and I don’t even wear glasses anymore. *snort*

Twisted Root Burger Company in Dallas TX.
Twisted Root Burger Company boozy milkshakes.

In short: I’m going to give Dallas food culture a 10/10 as I left this weekend visit extremely feeling satisfied by every meal (and loosening my belt once I got on the plane and ordered a water).

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