Filling Your Passport With Adventures

People get excited about all kinds of events in life. Birthdays, weddings, trips to new places. Want to know a day I will always remember fondly? The day I needed extra pages sewn in to my passport. It felt like such an accomplishment. And at the same time it was a bit of a reset. My passport went from 90% full to 30% full in the blink of an eye. I think the point here is to always be restless. Never diminish or minimize your ability to travel. And even though the passport example may be a bit of a lofty one, it is not meant to be snobby. Even if you become a local expert of your city or surrounding area, you can definitely count that as travel. Just do a little research. Then hop off the couch, start up the car and go off on an adventure for a few hours, a whole day or a weekend.

Some thought-starters for how to bring this to life are:

Explore – this is an excellent site for those who like to wander through the outdoors. Reconnecting with nature is – in my humble opinion and also John Muir’s – a critical factor in your enjoyment of life. Take it seriously and make time for it.

Check out The Natural Park Service – this can inspire you no matter where you live in the USA. As I get to know more about Australia and New Zealand, I will definitely add a future post more bespoke to that region!

Obviously, talk to friends or post on your favorite social media site recommendations for local travel or help with prioritizing your broader travel dreams.

So that’s a brief starter and I will most definitely revisit this in the near future after I’ve had some time to ruminate (and when I haven’t enjoyed a glass of wine and lost focus).



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