3 Must-Have Meals in Hong Kong

I spent the past week in Hong Kong on business, which means I primarily saw the inside of a conference room. I managed, however, to have a few fabulous meals whilst visiting. If you’re ever in HK, I would definitely prioritise these! This was also an amazing trip to get to know my new team inContinue reading “3 Must-Have Meals in Hong Kong”

A Perfect Sydneysider Saturday

You’re going to read this post and wonder how it all fit in to one day. And you’ll probably also imagine how stressful it must have been. But I’m here to tell you, I just had the perfect “Sydneysider” Saturday, and it was surprisingly easy going and hopefully a solid example of what real life canContinue reading “A Perfect Sydneysider Saturday”

An Initial Impression of Shopping in Sydney

I just went to the Westfield Bondi Junction with Daniel to do some shopping. He was in the Land of Eyeroll (deservedly) as I walked around seeing entirely new brands for the first time (and snapping pics + acting immaturely, which I happily justify). Here are some observations: You can buy food and brand nameContinue reading “An Initial Impression of Shopping in Sydney”

My First 48 Hours in Sydney

What a blurry, wonderful whirlwind the past two days have been! After landing at SYD, Daniel picked me up, and we went straight to the Trio Apartments in our neighborhood of Newtown. Despite wanting to sleep more than anything in the world, we hit the ground running. Day 1: We walked from the apartment toContinue reading “My First 48 Hours in Sydney”

How to Survive a 17-hour Non-Stop Flight

I just survived what is currently the longest commercial flight in the world: the Dallas to Sydney non-stop direct flight operated by Qantas. I was prepared for the flight to be miserable and yes, your instinct in boarding a 17-hour flight is “OMG. This is going to suck kangaroo you-know-what.” but thankfully this was not so bad! HereContinue reading “How to Survive a 17-hour Non-Stop Flight”

Moving to Sydney Australia Right Now

As I sit in the back of this Uber, the fog of surreality I’ve been living in the last couple of weeks is slowly lifting. I’m moving to Sydney Australia today. I’ve got my Aussie CrossFit shoes on in honor of the moment. Most of my wordly possessions are in a shipping container on aContinue reading “Moving to Sydney Australia Right Now”

Dallas TX Incredible Restaurants

Whoa. Spent the previous weekend in Dallas, TX saying goodbye to some of my most beloved family and friends. It was the perfect balance of levity, excitement and just the right mix of bittersweet mixed in for zest. Aside from the obvious emotional trauma (kidding – that’s a bit dramatic), we experienced some of theContinue reading “Dallas TX Incredible Restaurants”

Filling Your Passport With Adventures

People get excited about all kinds of events in life. Birthdays, weddings, trips to new places. Want to know a day I will always remember fondly? The day I needed extra pages sewn in to my passport. It felt like such an accomplishment. And at the same time it was a bit of a reset.Continue reading “Filling Your Passport With Adventures”

Goodbye USA. Hello Australia!

“I’m moving to Australia.” “I. Am. Moving. To. AUSTRALIA!” “I’m mooooving to Austraaalia.” Nah, it isn’t quite yet rolling off the tongue yet. But that doesn’t make it any less true. On January 16, I depart on a one-way ticket from Dallas to Sydney. And so begins my first ever blog. The whole purpose ofContinue reading “Goodbye USA. Hello Australia!”